It was a pleasure working with you on the renovation of the Old Greenwich residence because of your unusual level of competence and your “take responsibility” attitude. I found that you would go the extra mile to install first class work, even where a particular detail was not explicit. I was impressed with your depth of knowledge of construction systems and your ability to come up with alternate solutions when difficult site conditions arose. Your combination of integrity, experience, creativity, attention to detail and positive mental approach is difficult to find in a contractor.

Best wishes,

Carl Mezoff, PE, Architect

guys, i’m 95% in and i just want to say: it’s fabulous

yes there’s this and that, but omg, what an amazing outcome and you each deserve so much credit. you put up with tons of ‘what if, and what about’..and you persevered. i can’t tell you how happy i am that we pulled this whole thing together. i am in heaven.

i have much to do, but i will keep the endpoint in sight.

i cannot thank MMR enough for the way they handled this entire project. there’s lot’s of credit ot go around, but honestly, troy deserves to be at the top of the list. amazing customer service, and care, and frankly love, to get me where i want to go with this. great job. kudos, troy.

as it happens, i’m using natalie rosa as my decorator and i just cannot say enough good things about her. amazing sense of esthetics. excellent client understanding! no dogma! i love her. and would recommend her to anyone.

ok, just a small way of saying thank you to so many who labored over this, thanks, Tom